Why I like this image #2

Part two of an occasional series on some of my favourite photographs.

If Henri Cartier-Bresson had photographed weddings I would expect him to take photographs like this one.  This is one of my signature images and a personal favourite of mine, I knew I had something special as soon as I saw this image while editing the wedding.   This is from a wedding I photographed in Northamptonshire on one of those days when the weather really wasn’t at it’s best.  The couple told me they planned to arrive at the reception in an open boat, but as they left the church in the wedding car the heavens opened. I made my way to the reception with the rain showing no signs of easing, I was certain they would abandon the boat and arrive in a nice dry car.  The ushers assured me the couple would be arriving by boat and they gathered next to the river with umbrellas. I was sheltering under a large umbrella trying to keep the rain of the front element of my 24mm lens as the boat arrived. I had a view between the ushers umbrellas and wasn’t sure exactly what I would get as the boat came in to dock. As the boat drifted into position the couple kissed, making the perfect photograph.

I recently showed a large print of this to a couple during a consultation,  they asked why I hadn’t photoshopped out the handle of the umbrella which crosses in front of the brides face. My answer was that this is a real moment and that is exactly as I captured the image. Changing parts of the image somehow makes it less real to me. They didn’t understand this ethos and questioned on another wet wedding photograph why I hadn’t photoshopped the umbrellas to all be the same colour. At this point I realised they weren’t the clients for me.


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